-induced Graft Polymerization Technology

We Graftonkorea Co., Ltd started to produce indoor Air-cleaning eco-products and developed a range of green chemistries. The company capitalized on the opportunities available in OEM and ODM business. Increase the Carcinogenic potential with each breath even if the minute amount of contaminated air with carcinogen. However, it is still considered safe and secure if the products are confirming to the Guideline value (0.08ppm) of Sick-House Regulation and reducing the other harmful living odors.

“Grafton products” is a patented technology that uses electron beam graft polymerization. The target substance is inexpensively chemically adsorbed on a molecular level and “high-performance, low-cost" is described. The chemically adsorbed target materials on a molecular level such as acid and alkali materials are converted into the environmentally safe materials without the desorption. Grafton Products are available to reduce specially Formaldehyde and other harmful materials Concentration to Unlimitedly Zero Level.


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