GRAFTON Material Function

Grafton is the high efficiency high molecular material based on the radiation chemistry technology (Patented) by copolymerizing the functional group.
The chemically adsorbed target materials on a molecular level such as acid and alkali materials are converted into the environmentally safe materials without the desorption.

Adsorption capability [ Product ]
Grafton Cloth
Adsorption Speed
(Specimen Loading Factor 2.2㎡/㎥
60 μg/㎡・h
(JIS A 1905-1)
Adsorption Volume
30 mg/g
Product Lifetime 10
Safety 【 Oral Toxicity Tests, Skin Test, Mutagenicity Test

GRAFTON Application Manuals


Restraint the radiation of target materials by coating on construction materials, furnitures, interiors, automobiles and others.
Mix, compound, impregnating to the target materials.
Spray / Coating / Spray kits(For Formaldehyde, Bad Living Odors)

Cloth Processed Sheet

Paste on the ceiling, wall, furniture to reduce the target substances.
Prevent the radiation of formaldehyde in the inside of furniture and fixtures by placing Grafton processed sheet with the proper quantity calculated.

Gels and Granules

Adsorb bad living odors and harmful substances in the air by transpiration action of main ingredient .

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