Visualization of Formaldehyde Reduction by

The Effect Estimation Report(Global-issues)

Formaldehyde is Cancer-Causing Causative Substance such as leukemia

An Indoor Formaldehyde Guideline level is 100㎍/㎥(0.08ppm)
This Guideline Level is for Sick-House Syndrome
Not intend against Carcinogenesis

EPA)The indoor Cancer-Causing Risk (in assumption that person spends in the room from 0 up to 70 years old
: Unit Risk by EPA) becomes very high in incidence rate (1 out of 100 persons at maximum)
when the prolonged exposure to Formaldehyde at the guideline level.

Reliable Grafton Proposal to be Trusted by Clients

Increase the Carcinogenic potential with each breath even if the minute
amount of contaminated air with carcinogen.

However, it is still considered safe and secure if the products are confirming to the Guideline value (0.08ppm) of Sick-House Regulation.

No Absolute Safe Concentration against Carcinogenic

Grafton Products are available to reduce Formaldehyde Concentration to Unlimitedly Zero Level

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