Reliable GRAFTON System of Reduction Technology

Increase efficiency by widening the Chemical Adsorbing Area of Formaldehyde.
Possible to make Formaldehyde Concentration Level to unlimitedly “Zero” level by utilizing both[Static and Dynamic Reduction Systems]efficiently.

Material & Industrial

Pre-Filter: Formaldehyde Reduction Products.

Static Dynamic Reduction Products

  • Instant Solutions(GRAFTON Spray & Gel)
  • Basic Solutions (Grafton Coating, Impregnating, Wallsheet and Cloth)
  • Final products(Paint, Surface material and other applied solutions)

Motivation Filter: Effect Estimation Report(Air cleaner, Air conditioner)

Consumer Products

Reduction of limited spot/Containment of source

  • Grafton Sheet(Affix on outside/inside of furniture and interior areas.
  • Spray for formaldehyde and bad odors
  • Gel with mechanical fan.
  • Containment of Formaldehyde by coating on source.

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